Welcome to Youth Music Experience, music lessons with Charlotte Gillespie.

My name is Charlotte and I hold a degree in Classical Performance from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide as well as having experience with and a passion for the music education. I personally began learning music from a young age and have gained a lot from my experiences within both formal and informal learning environments. There is much to commend within the world of music education, however, there is also much to be continually improved.

Through Youth Music Experience, the main educational focus is on the students themselves rather than on the product. The wellbeing, growth and enjoyment that the student receives through their music education is placed over the strive towards perfection. The aim of Youth Music Experience is to place students in an environment where learning music is seen as a fun way to explore something new and express themselves rather than being based on aiming for perfection, which can often have negative impacts on self-esteem. Every child has a different way of learning, a different relationship with music and their own unique way of viewing the world. Youth Music Experience aims to give students a safe environment in which they can feel comfortable enjoying and exploring music as well as learning from every note achieved.